How To Knock Strokes Off Of Your Score With More Confidence And Consistency

- all in the comfort of your own home and in less than 4 weeks!

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- all in the comfort of your own home and in less than 4 weeks!


Golf is not always as easy as it looks.... 
You’ve watched people head off with a big smile for a sunny day of golf.
Talk about the game with great passion in their voice. 

You’ve always wanted to play when the kids got older and you had more time.

Finally, you started playing and found that golf is fun but NOT always easy and "sunny". 

Etiquette, rules, equipment… not to mention tactics and techniques on hitting the ball and sending it in the right direction. 

Every time something new bugs you.

The day starts off great, and you’re looking forward to YOUR sunny day of golf. Relaxing, having fun - even while getting a healthy exercise. 

But when you're at the first tee, frustrations emerge in the distance.

"My biggest challenge is inconsistency from one week to the next. Hit low 80s for 8 rounds, then my low irons go on the fritz. Or my putting is off.  Then my index goes back up."

- response in a survey we did among women in spring 2020.

Don't worry, you're not alone
Most golfers feel this way at some point. 

They feel like THEY are the exception to the rule that golf is an easy game to learn. 

Every time they hit the ball, they pray it goes in the right direction

But, it doesn’t have to be this way...

Imagine reducing the stress and frustration when you're about to swing the club. 

Imagine just relaxing, having fun, and feeling joy playing....

THAT'S what you get by joining 


The Golf Fundamentals

The complete online training that helps you become a better and more accomplished player
The perfect course for all beginners or hobby golfers who are just starting out. 

You’ll get to:

  • ​Know fundamentals to avoid the most common mistakes
  • ​Pick the right equipment - every time.
  • ​Form good golf habits that will pay off year after year.
  • ​Better outcome from sessions with  your instructor (if you have one).
  •  Access to easy exercises (even at home) to improve your grip, aim, swing, short game and putting.
  • ​​Understanding of what you need to do  to avoid past mistakes that made you frustrated when playing a round of golf.
Very well put together presentation. Gives the viewer, a very easy way to understand golf and that even though it is a very difficult game, everyone has the possibility to learn to play and that it is a rewarding and fun sport. A novice player will get a great introduction that is easy to comprehend. Great course.
Ann-Britt Paulsen

Who are we?

Karen Margrethe Juul
Charlotta Sorenstam
"We're the founders of My Time for Golf - a movement based on our passion for golf.

Golf has always been a huge part of our lives and we want to share the joy of the game with other women.

We've created this online training and community because we want to help more people than we can teaching 1:1. 

Women (mostly) join our community to learn and improve, but also to share and encourage each other on their journey to become better golf players in a caring environment – no matter their current level.

We strive to take a 360-view of the game and the player. We don’t just teach you how to put or swing better. 

We also talk about rules, clothes, etiquette, and the mental part of the game. 

We look forward to being your guides into the magnificent world of golf!"


Build strong fundamentals and feel the improvement every time you're on the golf course!

This is all included

The online course "The Golf Fundamentals" and some awesome bonuses...
Check it all out below!

The Enticing World of Golf
If you have just taken up the game of golf, you have entered a completely new world. Not only have you taken up one of the most technically and mentally challenging sports in the world, you also have to learn the terminology of the game, how to play it and how to conduct yourself on the course. 
The Golf Swing Fundamentals
We introduce you to the 5 most important fundamentals of the golf swing. Actually, the 5 fundamentals have nothing to do with swinging a golf club, but they can have a major influence on how you will swing the club. If you learn these fundamentals, you'll know how to constantly improve your game - even beyond this course.
The Short Game Fundamentals
We teach you the fundamentals of chipping and green side bunker shots. Most golfers spend their time on the driving range perfecting their golf swings, but what really matters when you are on the course is the ability to score. If you practice like we tell you to, your scoring ability will improve tremendously
The Putting Fundamentals
If you can improve your putting by lowering the number of 3 or even 4 puts on a round of golf, the time that you spend practicing on the practice green is time well spent. In this module we'll teach you the fundamentals of a good putting stroke, how to hit the ball consistently and how to make sure where you're aiming. 
The Golfers Dictionary
After going through our dictionary, you'll be able to understand any golf conversation that you may hear in the clubhouse or at a dinner party! You may even be able to casually add a few of the terms yourself to the conversation, making it sound really cool!
The Rules of Golf - Easiest Possible Version!
You would think that getting a small white ball into a hole wouldn't be associated with a thick rules book, but that is not the case. In golf, playing by the rules is probably one of the most important aspects of this game, and it’s important that you know what you are allowed to do on a golf course. And... in many cases, knowing the rules can actually save you strokes on your score. 
Everything You Need To Know About Equipment
When talking about equipment most people tend to think about golf clubs, but equipment is so much more than that. It is basically everything that you need in your bag (assuming that you have a bag) to play a round of golf. Having the right set of clubs won’t help you if you don’t have a golf ball, so we will also introduce you to other essentials that should be in your bag. 
Take Away All The Health Benefits From Golf
For many years golf was not considered a “real” sport. The average golfer was seen as a wealthy, middle-aged, overweight man. Fortunately, this perception has changed, and most golfers know that physical endurance and strength is necessary if you want to improve your game. We give you 6 exercises to improve your physical strength to feel better and stronger on the golf course.
Short, Actionable Recaps of All Fundamentals
This is the secret sauce of this course! Use these ultra short recaps of the lessons when you are on the practice area and want to make sure that you are doing everything that we recommend you to do. We can’t be there in person with you, so these videos will help you in getting a quick reminder on how to check your fundamentals before swinging away!
Bonus 1
Mini-Course On Mindset And How To Work With The Psychological Aspect Of Golf (Value $97)
In golf you’ll find that the biggest distance is the one between your ears, and golf can mess with your mind like no other sport. As a beginner your biggest challenge is developing a consistent technique, but no matter your level, mindset training is of essence if you want to lower your score. Use this mini-course for developing sound mental habits that will help you for the rest of your golf career.
Bonus 2
Get Our Popular Packing List For A Round Of 18 holes (Value $10)
This comprehensive packing list will help your remember all the things that you need for a round of golf. There is nothing worse than arriving on the first tee and finding that you are lacking ball, have forgot your range finder or need to borrow a jacket, because you thought you left it in your bag. Use the check list to make sure that you are well-prepared every time you go for a round of golf. Then you just have to concentrate on your game.
Bonus 3
Join our Exclusive Student-only Facebook community ($147)
In our Exclusive Student-only Facebook Community you will get the opportunity to connect with other women that have taken this course. You can post questions (we'll answer all of them personally) and participate in discussions about rules, equipment, etiquette, the game and so forth. You can also post a video of your swing and every month we’ll have a live session where we will pick a swing or two and talk about how to improve the technique of that player. We are really looking forward to having you join our community.  
Total value 
(Course & Bonuses): $997

Todays price: 
In most clubs that's less than 5 one-to-one lessons with a golf instructor! 

And you get to keep the training and watch it over and over again, in the comfort of your home and on the golf course when needed the most!
Finished tutorial and I thought it was excellent. You covered everything in a comprehensive and concise manner. It's very easy to follow and very helpful.
Laura Reichelt 

This offer is time limited

We want you to take advantage of this and start improving your game right now. 

The alternative is spending endless hours trying to figure all of this out yourself or hiring an expensive instructor with a rigid schedule. 

Due to the Covid19 situation around the globe, we feel that this is a good time to learn online in the comfort of your own home (and maybe practice in the garden) and we’ve decreased the price accordingly. 

We won’t be able to hold this price for long, though. So act now and get immediate access to the training and bonuses.




When You Purchase The Golf Fundamental + Amazing Bonuses!

  • ​9 modules with Engaging Training ($740 Value)
  • Golf Dictionary (included in the course)
  • Golf Rulebook (included in the course)
  • Bonus #1 Mini-course About A Winning Golf Mindset   ($100 Value)
  • Bonus #2 Packing List For A Round Of 18 Holes ($10 Value)
  • ​Bonus #3 Access to Exclusive Facebook Group With Weekly Live Q&A ($147)

Total Value: $997

Today's price: 

In most clubs that's less than 5 one-to-one lessons with a golf instructor! 

And you get to keep the training and watch it over and over again, in the comfort of your home and on the golf course when needed the most!

Our golfers guarantee

If you’re not 100% satisfied with the training or the support after 7 days, we will offer you a full refund on your purchase. 

 Are you ready?

To start improving - with our help?
You have already felt the spark when playing golf. We know how that feels! Now let us help you believe in yourself. We know YOU are capable of improving and becoming the golfer you’d imagined. 

We’ll share our “secrets” to playing good golf. Skills that we have acquired from life long experience and from instructing hundreds of students. 

The good news is that you can take this course and start learning and improving today! 

Boost what you’re already doing (alone or with your golf instructor) and leave your golf buddies speechless!

The best time to learn the fundamental pillars of golf was years ago. The second best time is today.

Let’s get started!

Charlotta and Karen Margrethe

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